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Clif Ardi and the meaning of life in her works.

The Latin – american art tradition, which combines colourful abundance and beauty, is still very much alive today. In her recent past, the Belgian artist Clif Ardi, Cécile Hardy in real life, spent time in Nicaragua where she met artist Rosi Lopez, who initiated her in the art of ceramics.

Clif Ardi has created a world not associated with anorexic divinities, but one inhabited by voluptuous women with juicy thighs, casually surrendering themselves to the reflections of their impossible lives. The artist commits herselfe to more than her natural talent; she preserves a great honesty. Fashion-like statements or magical tricks aren’t her tools:“the road less travelled” is the one she favours. Her research of indigenous people in Central-America and their cultural colourful expressions, has enriched Clif Ardi and translates into her works of art.

Presently, so many years later, she enjoys the recognition she deserves.

Love has never been as beautiful as humanized by tenderness. The sculptures of Clif Ardi aren’t just moulded but are brought to life. Slight deformations, virtuosically demonstrated, sometimes naďve; comfortable with “the mother figure”, anonymous, absent, massive, voluptuous, generous as only a mother can be, defending and courageous.

The aesthetics of her unique subjects are clearly inspired by the pre-Colombian forms and figures, representing good luck and prosperity.

Ardi wants to amaze and bewilder through compositions coloured with common popularity, dream and reality which give her works their alienating attraction. Her artworks are saved from the getto of classicism to artistically embrace the space, free from stereotypes. Her present creations sizzle; her exciting journey has finaly come to present us a mature artist whose universe deserves more than just our attention.

Lucien Rama ;
Art Criticus
January 2007